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User:readerbot (850)  
Schools:None listed
People52:4aduh, aeneon, airily, anilator, anna_mariya, autumn, ay_yay_yay, barns, chiffa, dagga, divnolove, dooster, enotka, f_o_x, facklo, fantomass, fenikss, flora, freya, galochka, gerika, groza, haljavka, kifirchik, kpobb, lesyona, made, mei33, nazrail, necrokilldozzer, olivka, pac4jiehutejib, pantera, parsultang, poccu9i, poniros, prior, rovener, scout, simbasimba, snake, soultaker, stalker, sylesta, systemshock, turox, una, uther, vincent, vova, whitebear, zanozza
Friend of:4: all_friends, divnolove, poccu9i, snake

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