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Atomic Email Hunter Evaluation

Irrespective of whatever on-line enterprise you are into or planning to step into, you need potential clients e-mail addresses so as to efficiently make use of e-advertising campaign. In this race, at times you agree to shed hundreds and thousands of dollars. What for those who could buy e-mail databases from various companies on the Web and reach your audience without spending heaps of money? All that is possible with Atomic Email Hunter Software. It is tested software program and works very fast in extracting e-mail addresses from different websites using HTTP.

The software can simply work by a proxy-server and does not depend on any extra software for running.

The software provides you a variety of filters so to resolve the extent of extraction from a single web page to as many pages you want to go for. Simply enter the URL and after scanning is finished, you'll be able to choose option for deleting duplicates and kind them.

With Atomic Email Hunter, your search will be performed in either of the two modes, search for e-mails on the given site or searching e-mails on internet sites by specifying a particular search term. In each the cases, search depth may be specified and along with that, you may specify whether the program should comply with the links and comply with robots.txt restrictions.

The software works at blazing speeds.

Final not the least, the interface is designed in a method that you wouldn't find difficulty operating. Above all, the software is capable of saving the retrieved results to Microsoft Word and Excel applications.

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Atomic Email Hunter Review

Atomic Email Hunter Coupon

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