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tomic Email Hunter Reviews
Learn the most effective Atomic Email Hunter Review

Atomic Email Hunter is a strong e-mail extractor for Windows. It allows customers to extract e-mail addresses from internet sites utilizing as many search engines as they want. To extract e-mails, the users should enter the URL of a website or simply type in the desired keywords to search the sites for e-mail scooping. The search process will be stopped and resumed if wanted, and the e-mails obtained will be saved to a textual content file, exported to an MS Excel or Phrase doc, or copied to the clipboard. The users can also confirm the list of e-mails before utilizing it as a way to keep away from invalid e-mail addresses, which may hamper the whole process.

The program is fully customizable and includes many filters based on numerous criteria. It also permits customers to decide on the quantity of emails to extract, the depth of extraction (from one page to as many as needed), max size of links, precedence, and other things. The obtained results can be sorted by Email tackle, proprietor, or URL address. The program also deletes duplicates and allows customers to seek for specific things in the record of emails. The user interface is basically intuitive and good, and it is translated into several languages.

Visit Atomic Email Hunter official site Right here:

Hunter Atomic Email Hunter Download Free

Hunter Atomic Email Hunter Download Free

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