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Elmedia Player Review
Read the perfect http://pages.rediff.com/elmedia-player-for-mac-reviews/1782906</strong>

Nonetheless, a couple of days ago the developers over at Eltima Software got in touch with us about their download supervisor app, Elmedia Player. Although I was skeptical about this at first, I agreed to provide the app a try to was fairly impressed by what it had to offer. Elmedia Player goes for a sort of iTunes-ish look, offering speed, performance, and aesthetics all in one app.

Elmedia Player supplies a user interface that's fairly similar to iTunes, as one can see from the screenshot of the app above. The left navigation means that you can access a web based internet portal, in addition to the information that you've already downloaded. By toggling buttons on the bottom right of the screen, you may present or cover certain sidebar elements. Overall, the consumer interface is simple to familiarize with and deserves a solid 4.5/5 star rating.

Elmedia Player does a pretty good job with functionality too, and has way higher download speeds than the aforementioned Grappler does (in Grappler, you truly had to be playing the video in order for it to download.) By accessing any net page with Elmedia Player’s in-built web browser, you’ll get a listing of all of the media files which are on that page, along with a link to download every and considered one of them. This contains music files, film information, flash files, images, the listing goes on and on. The file will be saved to your pc and you can entry it utilizing the app.

I experienced a little little bit of lag on my early 2010 Macbook Pro with 4GB of RAM, particularly when loading internet pages (and grabbing all those resources, I assume.) The circle rainbow spinner of demise changed my cursor for a couple of seconds, however ultimately it all worked out just positive, with the app resuming its regular functionality. This is all bearable, as I haven’t yet done that RAM upgrade I’ve been that means to do for a very long time now, and I’m certain with a greater processor and a few extra RAM, the lag issues could be fixed immediately.

The core issue that I’ve had with functionality is which you could only access video and SWF information from inside the app. Other files, similar to mp3, gif, etc, will all be sent do your Downloads folder, where you can view it using Finder. I'd highly recommend that you simply add a music Player and image viewer to Elmedia Player. Although the app primarily focuses on video files, it’s a big plus that you would be able to actually download other assets, but it could also be handy to view them without switching to another app.

Download Free Elmedia Player for mac Right here:

Elmedia Player for mac Review

Elmedia Player for mac Reviews

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