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Elmedia Player Review
Read the very best Review Of Elmedia Player</strong>

Elmedia Player is a media Player for Mac, which boasts an enormous vary of codecs, together with assist for SWF Flash recordsdata, and it also has support for downloading movies. Let’s check out the way it compares, and if it’s the media Player of my dreams.

Getting Started

Elmedia Player comes in varieties – A free version, and a PRO version. Each do pretty much the same job, but the PRO version, coming in at $19.95, presents features equivalent to downloading videos, converting videos right into a sequence of pictures, and a few different bits and pieces.

Elmedia Player will not be yet on the App Store, so you’ll must download it from their site. The set up process is nothing new, drag the app into your Purposes folder and also you’re good to go.
Installing Elmedia Player

Putting in Elmedia Player

I feel it’s important to make one factor very clear from the get-go – Despite the name, this isn't really a media player. It doesn’t deal with music, nor podcasts, it just handles movies. For those who have been expecting a complete solution for all your media wants, this isn’t it. It you’re looking for a video managing app, you’ve come to the best place.

Importing your films is splendidly simple. All it's a must to do is drag them into Elmedia Player from Finder, and also you’re done. What’s great about this app is that it doesn’t have to add it to some library, so it can import movies instantly. That stated, once I imported my complete movie collection (About 60GB), it received somewhat confused and ended up taking about a minute. Even still, that’s blindingly quick compared to the competitors!


When you’ve used iTunes earlier than, you’ll be very much at house with the interface of Elmedia Player: Controls up top, sidebar on the left, a few other bits and items down the underside; nothing revolutionary. Unfortunately, while it really works, the aesthetics are a little bit off, and it doesn’t quite really feel like a modern day app UI. There’s something ever so OS X Tiger about it.
Elmedia Player's Interface

Elmedia Player's Interface

In truth, in case you’ve used iTunes before, you’ll be a little too at home here. It does feel like somewhat of an iTunes ripoff. The layout’s identical, and some of the elements, such because the controls, and the scroll bars, look like they’ve been taken from iTunes, pixel-by-pixel. I might have been in a position to let this pass, but iTunes hasn’t exactly obtained an incredible interface. Should you’re going to be inspired so heavily by an app, not less than make it a decent app!
Managing Media

After the amazingly easy importing process, the administration options go downhill fairly rapidly. There are no meta-tagging options – The only factor you can change is the title of the file itself. This makes a change from something like Plex which has fields for just about every little thing, from writers and administrators to tagline and original title. If you want to use this app, but additionally need an easily searchable database of movies, my finest suggestion would be to put all of your tags in the title, and then both search for them or create Good Playlists.

Speaking of playlists, that is one feature that Elmedia Player has that many others don’t. Like iTunes, you can easily create playlists and Smart Playlists, which make up for the lack of different management choices to a large extent. For example, rather than having a genre tag, simply stick all of your comedies in one playlist, and thrillers in another.

Alternatively, as I mentioned earlier, put “Comedy” in the title, and make a Good Playlist which gathers all movies which has “Comedy” in their title. It’s not perfect, but it’s some consolation.

Download Free Elmedia Player for mac Right here:

Review Of Elmedia Player for mac

Review here

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