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People33:4aduh, all_friends, anna_mariya, ay_yay_yay, b0b, barns, bulllehko, dagga, f1n, f_o_x, facklo, freya, gon, groza, hood, innocent, insomniac, klodendos, lesyona, news, olivka, parsultang, psychx, readerbot, rovener, scout, shudo, steph, v258ne, vimer, vincent, wire, zanozza
Mutual Friends:18: 4aduh, all_friends, ay_yay_yay, b0b, barns, bulllehko, f1n, f_o_x, freya, gon, insomniac, readerbot, rovener, shudo, steph, v258ne, vincent, zanozza
Also Friend of:4: kpobb, nahui_i_v_pizdu, poccu9i, roksta
Member of:1: crownet

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