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All About Modern Wigs With Lace Fronts
Today wigs with lace fronts are generally referred to by a number of names and descriptions, including lace front wigs. However; it all refers to the same thing and that is a custom fitted wigs that are attached to the head or scalp by the means of a concealed mesh lace that ends about an inch above the hair line.

Only the Best

Wigs made with lace fronts are some of the best quality and style of wigs available and can cost upwards of $20,000. However; don't panic and keep reading, because this would be a wig that is custom designed and made by the best wig makers using the absolute best human hair available.

Human Hair

For the average style conscious, discriminating consumer who isn't shopping in the finest salons of Paris and Rodeo Drive, there are much better deals to be had on custom fitted lace front wigs human hair, particularly of they shop online. One common denominator of the best quality wigs with lace fronts is that they are all made entirely from human hair.

So Whats the Difference

So why a lace front wig? Perhaps you have been to a haloween party where someone was wearing a cheapo, elastic banded wig. Granted it was a costume party, but believe it or not, people do actually buy and wear these types of wigs out in public every day. As long as they remain at a distance and keep their hair fluffed up, they can pass. From up close however, they can look bad though.

Better in Every Way

A lace wig with a lace front however, doesn't use an elastic band to keep it attached to the head. Also, the mesh section that the hair is attached to is completely separate from the section that is attached to the head. This allows for a much better, more solid and reliable connection from the section that is actually connected to the head and a far more realistic and lifelike appearance from the section that the hair is connected to.

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