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Lace Wig Styles
There are thousands oflace wig styles but which one is the right one for you? Besides the aesthetic, some styles have styling pros and cons that will just not work for your lifestyle. The basic overview of wig styles and what to look for is finally laid out in a quick, simple guide.

Silky Straight

Silky straight wigs are very popular because many women do not want to constantly straighten their own hair to achieve the look. Silky straight units are a good buy because they usually turn out natural looking whether synthetic or human hair.

A multitude of colors and lengths in silky straight styles are offered. The best textures to use to achieve this look are European, Indian Remy, or Malaysian. For women who have very thick hair naturally and want to match their own thickness well, Brazilian or Chinese Remy is good choices. Chinese Remy is a stronger hair type and is very silky but rather thick in texture.


curly lace wigs have their pros and cons. If you would like to purchase a synthetic wigs in a curly style, do your research first. Some companies and wig product lines simply have not mastered curly styles. The outcome can be a curly mess.

Some synthetic product lines have quality hair and curly styles; you just have to find them. The best part about a curly lace-wig is that it is pre-styled. You will not have to comb it so shedding is less likely and daily styling is slim to none.


Kinky hair lace wigs are becoming more popular because the texture matches many African-American hair types. For women who are not trying to attempt a European straight hair look, these unit types are a good choice. The texture is rather tightly waved. It usually gets more coiled as it gets wet and can be straightened.

Having a lace front wig allows you to do different styles while keeping your own hair protected from coloring, heat styling and weather. A kinky textured hair system is a great way to experiment with natural textures if you are unsure about growing out a perm or want to achieve a bohemian chic look.


Wavy lace wigs look very natural and compliment most face types. Instead of going from African-American textured hair to European in one day, wavy is a nice middle ground. Wavy styles can be brushed through unlike curly wigs and not cause frizz. Most company's wig product lines have at least one wavy textured unit that looks great in synthetic or human hair.

Waxy textured hair systems work relatively well in any lengths. While some curly units get tangled easier the longer they are, soft waves work well very long.


Some lace wig wearers are very particular about the hair length. These hair systems can come in short lengths or all the way down to your lower back. While some women argue the purpose of super short lace wigs, it is a matter of personal preference and style. If you have been thinking about cutting your own hair, take the guess work out of it and wear a Halle Berry styled unit. If you want Naomi Campbell locks, go for it.

The only thing that is suggested if you will be getting a super short or super long lace wig is to check the hair quality. So many traditional wigs have low quality hair that cause super short styles to look ratty very quickly. Conversely, many wigs that have very long hair tangle quickly because of the length. Human hair for both lengths is suggested for a more natural appearance and easier maintenance.

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