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What is a Full Or Front Lace Wig And Why Do You Need One?
A quality wig can not only make you look good, but it can give you the kind of confidence you need to go about your day. Imagine swimming, bathing, and playing sports without the worry of your wig slipping or falling off. With the full lace front wigs you never have to worry.

What makes the full lace front wig different from most wigs is that the lace front wig is a special type of hairpiece designed with a sheer lace base. These wigs use real human hair and are hand-tied to the base. Lace wigs are typically the most expensive type of pandora, but they have a reputation for being the most realistic looking and undetectable. The wigs are glued to the scalp of the wearer and therefore incredibly durable. This allows for blow drying, curling, straightening, and using any hair product on the wig, just as you would use on your own hair. Although these types of wigs can be expensive, it is well worth the money. You are paying for actual human hair that you can style as you like. You might even forget you are wearing a wig!

I have a friend who was beginning to bald and as you can imagine, was extremely self-conscious about it. I recommended the full lace front wig to her because not only is it a high quality wig, but it is so easy to attach. She also needed a wig that was very durable and would not tear because she has 4 kids so the full lace front wig was the perfect solution for her. And now her hair looks much fuller and healthier with the lace wig, if I hadn't been the one to tell her about the wig, I would have never guessed that she wears one! But the best part is she has her confidence back.

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