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Wigs Have Such a Bad Rap
Hair systems or lace wigs as you may know them have a really bad rap. You only have to go to your local Blockbuster video store and you could pick our 5 comedy films that poke fun at people who wear hair pieces. But do they really deserve such a bad image?

For a lot of people losing their hair, a hairpiece is the last thing that they would consider getting, most would rather be bald than wear a tiffany. But unfortunately for these people, they have gotten all of their information about hair systems from the wrong place, TV. They will never get to experience the freedom of having a full head of hair again because of misinformed knowledge about hairpieces. They have probably tried propecia, minixodil and even considered a hair transplant but a hair system is a big no-no to them.

If you are one of those people who are losing your hair, but see hair system as some sort of joke that you would never wear I advise you to search the internet for information on hair extensions systems. I am sure you will be surprised at just how different they are from what you imagined. A lot of websites have photos of clients and a most have a before and after shot. These are the ones that you should look as and see how most of them take at least 10 years off them. They almost look like a huge weight has been taken off their shoulders.

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